Security K9s

MAN-K9 is prepared to offer your Security Company green dogs or fully trained dogs in Detection and/or patrol work.

Green Detection Dogs 

If your company conducts its own in-house training and you need a genetically sound detection dog, we are the company for you. Our dogs have been screened and tested in real-world environments, not just in training fields/areas. Our dogs have a strong foundation searching in different surroundings. Our green dogs are ready for you to imprint the desired odors your company needs.

Trained Detection Dogs 

We offer Completely trained dogs in Narcotic Detection and Explosive Detection.

If your company does not provide in-house basic training, no problem; just call and make arrangements to order a fully trained dog from MAN-K9. We offer Basic Handler Courses for your Officers to prepare them to handle a Trained K9. The course is normally a four to five week course for Narcotic Detection, a six to eight week course in Explosive Detection.

Trained Security Patrol Dogs 

A MAN-K9 Security Patrol dog will be trained in Obedience, Officer Protection, Searching and Vehicle Protection. If your company needs a more advanced trained K9, we can also provide K9s fully trained in Patrol work for Law Enforcement Agencies. Our dogs are selected for their ability to function in realistic environments; they are not sports dogs. Our Trained Security Patrol Dogs (TSPD) are exposed to scenarios which they might encounter during patrol Duty.

Dual Purpose Dogs Dual Green dogs for detection/patrol are available at MAN-K9 at any time. Dual Trained dogs are available only by special order.