Narcotic and Explosives Detection 

Man-K9 is DEA licensed canine trainer that offers narcotic and explosives detection programs.

We take an innovative approach to shaping a dog for detection. At Man-K9 we use the most advanced methods based on science and canine psychology. We strongly believe in training every detection dog based on their unique temperament and individual learning ability. We believe in adjusting the method used based on the dog’s temperament versus forcing the dog to adjust to a specific method.

With the Man-K9 non-traditional system of conforming to the dog’s natural ability, our dogs learn their skills more easily due to the fact that stress is considerably reduced. At Man-K9 we do not generalize dog training, we individualize dog training, therefore producing dependable and stress-free detection dogs.

In our 5 week course we concentrate on enhancing your canine’s natural ability to hunt for the odor. Your dog will locate and alert to the target odors in a variety of locations (Buildings, vehicles, fields, etc.).  The canine will be taught to ignore odors such as:

  • other dogs
  • human food
  • dog food/treats
  • tennis balls
  • tugs
  • packaging material
  • etc. 

Our instructors are experienced canine trainers who will focus on teaching you how to properly handle and train your dog.

Our Training Director, Manuel Villanueva, will fine-tune your handling skills by personally instructing you throughout the Basic Handler’s Course.

Contact Us: (760) 468 – 8830

  • Next class offered in January 2020 – Sign Up Now, Limited Space Available
  • Private Courses Available, please inquire

If you purchase a trained Detection K9 from MAN-K9, we will accommodate your company/agency in scheduling a handler course ASAP.