CA P.O.S.T. Agitator Course

During this course, the student will learn the proper and safe hands-on methods of using equipment designed for agitation. Our course is designed for novice and experienced handlers and decoys. Whether you are looking to prepare yourself for a K9 handler position or become more advanced in decoying for your unit, every officer will gain knowledge from this course.

The MAN-K9 canine agitation philosophy is based on the strong belief that every dog must be agitated in a manner that suits its specific temperament. Most agitation courses teach one method for use on all dogs. At Man-K9 we prepare the student with a variety of agitation methods that will be helpful in developing a solid confident street dog as well as a dependable, controllable K9. The student will be instructed in the use of various techniques to bring out the best in every dog through the use of the most modern canine psychology. We instill methods to keep the dog, handler, and agitator safe in any and all scenarios with proper instruction.

Course Purpose:
This course is designed to help the student develop a comprehensive knowledge in the following subjects.

  • Basic canine psychology
  • K9 olfactory sense
  • Understanding K9 Behavior
  • Communication with the K9 during agitation
  • Study on K9 drives
  • Safety techniques during agitation for helper and canine
  • Introduction to track laying
  • Understanding the decoys role in developing proficient street dogs and shaping young dogs for patrol work

The student will also learn the proper use of the following equipment:

  • Bodysuit
  • Sleeve
  • Undercover sleeve
  • Fake extremities
  • Muzzle agitation
  • Clatter stick, agitation whip
  • Padded agitation whip

Our Training Director, Manuel Villanueva, will fine-tune your handling skills by personally instructing you throughout the course.

Contact Us: (760) 468 – 8830

  • Course is limited to 6 students. Please call to make a reservation for the next P.O.S.T Agitator class.


CA P.O.S.T Canine Team Evaluator Course 

Man-K9 offers a CA P.O.S.T. Certified Canine Team Evaluator Course for any officers with at least 5 years experience as a canine handler. Upon completion of this course, the student will be certified to evaluate other canine teams for CA P.O.S.T. Certification in patrol and detection.

If you are looking to host a class, please call or email us for scheduling. 760-468-8830 or