Police K9 Training

Intro to Police K9 Training

Man-K9 provides a comprehensive range of services in the world of police K-9 training. Our core expertise comes from training numerous top-notch police K-9’s and their handlers. Our high-end training strategies help keep officers safe and empower them and their police K-9’s to perform at exceptional levels.

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We offer the following dog training courses for law enforcement:

  • Basic Handler Course (for Patrol Work)
  • Narcotics and Drug Detection Training
  • Decoy Courses/Agitator Training/California POST
  • Hospital Security

Villanueva remains one of the only civilian K-9 trainer in San Diego county who is qualified, recognized and contracted by Law Enforcement Agencies. His in-depth experience also includes canine S.W.A.T teams. Villanueva has worked with many police K-9s in patrol work narcotics, tracking, trailing and evidence searching. Villanueva’s trained police K-9’s have apprehended thousands of criminals, including non-contact apprehensions.

Invariably, this kind of sterling expertise and experience allows Man- K9 to afford the most comprehensive police K-9 training in the industry.

Man-K9’s primary focus is on obedience and control over the police dog. Our methods of “obedience and control” have proven time and time again its effectiveness out on the streets. Man-K9’s techniques assist the officer in obtaining the right level of control which is vital in tactical and serious situations.

Over the years, we have become highly regarded because of our experience, knowledge, training techniques and adept ability in solving training challenges.

Man-K9 has the ability to offer agencies “green” or “trained” police dogs which are personally handpicked by Manuel Villanueva, the founder of Man-K9. Villanueva who is at the helm of Man-K9, searches for working bloodlines and personally selects dogs which have successfully passed a vigorous screening process. The type of dog selected is a better balanced dog which performs at a higher standard.