Man-K9 University

Man-K9 University provides its students with a diverse understanding of canine behavior and psychology. Our unparallel expertise and reputation means our students will receive the best schooling in the industry. Man-K9 University courses are designed to offer students superior canine knowledge by seasoned , world-class instructors who have decades of dog training experience.

Man-K9 instructors remain immersed in different methodologies ranging from pet dogs to professional service dog training.  Our experience is unsurpassed because we have trained thousands of people to handle their dogs.

Above all, our vast knowledge stems from teaching a wide range of dogs with dissimilar temperaments and drives.

In tandem with studying canine behavior and psychological theories, our students take part in comprehensive interactive sessions with canines. This blend of multilevel knowledge supports different learning styles while reinforcing a strong educational foundation.

Being a leading institution, Man-K9 University has higher standards than the average school. Students must be passionate about the profession, while demonstrating their new knowledge and skills before graduating.

Let Man-K9 University teach you how to be the best in the dog training world.

police dogs being trained
police dog training school

Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Handler Courses:

  • Pet Obedience Dog Trainer (Level One Professional Dog Trainer)
  • Professional Dog Trainer (Level Two Professional Trainer)
  • Protection Dog Trainer
  • Detection Dog Trainer
  • Police Dog Trainer (Instructor)
  • Agitators / Helper Certification
  • Patrol Dog Handler Certification
  • Detection Dog Handler Certification

Canine Business Courses:

  • Dog Training Business
  • Pet Cremation Business
  • Dog Daycare Business
  • Pet Boarding Business
  • Professional Canine Bather Certification

Available Courses

CA POST Certified: K9 Agitator Course

CA POST Certified: K9 Team Evaluators Course

K9 Supervisor: How to Manage Your Canine Unit