Family Protection Dogs

Family Protection Dogs for Sale

With Man-K9, your desire to have a loving companion and a courageous protector for your family is a reality. Our protection dogs give you “peace of mind” knowing your family will be safe at home.

Matching up the right protection dog and family ensures success and happiness.

The Man-K9 team professionally tests, selects and trains police dogs. Their keen eye in locating the perfect police dog transcends to finding the ideal family protection dog.

While procuring good genetics and a friendly temperament, our dogs also demonstrate high levels of courage and confidence.

Additionally, female clients who once jogged alone on park trails have turned to Man-K9 Personal Protection Dogs to ward off any potential threat of personal attacks.

Man-K9 Personal Protection Dogs exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Specially selected dog over a year of age
  • Balanced protection drives
  • Exposure to real life environments (not only a training field)
  • Obedience trained
  • Obstacle and agility trained
  • Home protection skills
  • Personal protection
  • Family loyalty

Man-K9 focuses on the quality of dogs, not quantity. This enables us to provide optimum personalized training. Unlike other companies, Man-K9’s personal protection dogs are not kennel dogs. Instead, they interact with a “training” family. This type of home environment enables the dog to adjust to different environments and situations so it remains dependable both in and out of the home.

trained German Shepherd for sale
protection dog for sale

Training Foundation: Personal protection, obedience (basic, advanced), agility

Level of Training: Will bite sleeve, suit, undercover sleeve, protection of personal space (bedrooms), owner protection on property, home alert on intruder (interior/exterior of property), pursue fleeing intruder (interior/exterior),  pursue fleeing suspect with contact

Personality: Social, good around children and other dogs, eager to work

Family Protection and Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

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